IITAV Newsletter
March 2015                                                                                         Issue No. 12

Message from the IITAV President

Dear IITAV colleagues and friends,

Welcome to this edition of our Newsletter.

Delighted to note that IITAV is commencing its fifth year. During this time the initial interest of a group of like-minded people has grown encouragingly through our members and activities. The mixture of professional, social and networking activities continues apace.  We thank our members, friends and well-wishers for your support and the Management Committee members, past and present, for your commitment and hard work.

Over the past twelve months your Management Committee has held an event almost every month and your participation in these events has been growing. Two events reported in this edition are typical examples. In December, for the first time we held an IIT Reminiscences session in which many interesting experiences and stories from our IIT days were shared with enthusiasm and humour.  Our Holi event this month, traditionally an IITAV social event, had people contributing poems, jokes, dances and songs. We were privileged to have Pallavi Sharda, Bollywood actress and Queen of Moomba 2015, attend and participate.

We are also working to have contributions by way of reports and opinion pieces in our Newsletters, We look forward to receiving your contributions and comments on topical issues.

As mentioned in our previous newsletter (Issue No.11), the Management Committee has implemented a revised membership policy with the option for multiple year membership which several members have taken up. We are encouraged by this show of support which bodes well for the sustainability of IITAV. Non-member IITians are sincerely requested to use this opportunity and become members.

IITAV’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is being planned for the first week of May. Formal notification will be sent in due course. I strongly encourage members to nominate for positions in the 2015-16 Management Committee at the AGM. Your ideas, commitment and enthusiasm are critical for the success of IITAV.

Best wishes,
Raj Rajakumar

Dr. Raj Rajakumar
Mob: 0432 474 385


 My IIT Reminiscences - End of Year Event

In December 2014, over 15 IITAV members met at IIT alumnus Sunny Chandra's restaurant, Juliana's cafe, to share their IIT memories, as part of IITAV's informal networking event programme.

Surrounded by delicious snacks and with copious servings of masala chai, members rekindled fond college memories with nostalgia. The passage of time remained unnoticed as the participants started to share their stories as diverse


as a near-death experience, motivational experiences, ragging experiences, and what evolved into a quasi-contest of worst professor/student experience.


It was felt that informal get togethers of this sort would foster stronger bonds and encourage participation in other IITAV programs.


Thanks to Sunny Chandra, Nikhil Kumar and Raj Rajakumar for their efforts in organizing this event. Reminiscences were sweet !!!

Our visit to Vibrant Gujarat Summit
 - Rachana Kaudinya, IITAV Treasurer

In November 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a select gathering of business leaders and technocrats at the Governor’s house of Victoria.  My husband Jai and I attended the presentations. 

In his speech Mr. Modi made it clear that trade and investment between India and Australia will be an important part of his foreign policy.  One key goal would be to improve India’s economic growth and to raise India’s ranking in the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ index.  Impressed by his simplicity and his pro-business announcements, we decided to attend the Vibrant Gujarat Summit held in Gandhi Nagar between 11-13 Jan 2015 to explore business opportunities in India. 

Vibrant Gujarat, a brain child of Prime Minister Modi, is a biennial event and has evolved over the past decade into an international event.  It is perhaps the biggest gathering in the world where budding entrepreneurs have an opportunity to see the president of the World Bank and also get a chance to listen to the views of the UN Secretary General on issues such as food security, all on the one platform.

We reached Ahmedabad on the 10th of January, 2015, as part of a delegation of 450 members led by the Australian Minister for Trade and Investment, Mr Andrew Robb. The delegation, having participants from the Victoria Trade Mission and the Australia India Business Council, is said to be the largest ever delegation from Australia to India. New South Wales Premier Mr Mike Baird was also present.


Following the inauguration by Mr Modi, the first day involved presentations from high level dignitaries from all over the world. Among them were the US Secretary of State Mr John Kerry, UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon and World Bank President Dr Jim Yong Kim.  (Read More)


Low power uninterrupted DC technology, brain child of IIT Madras, is soon to be trialled at more than 100,000 homes. This low cost technology is aimed at drastically improving the electricity supply hours to homes across India (More).

Indian Goverenment
has given its approval in 2014-15 Union Budget to setup a new IIT in Karnataka. Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, will also be upgraded to become an IIT.

Pan-IIT and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation has signed an MoU to collaborate on research and development in Energy sector.(More)

We welcome our new member Harvinder Giddey.

Please renew your membership for 2015 if you haven't done so. More information on membership renewal can be found here. We also  take this opportunity to thank all Members for their continued participation in IITAV activities.

  Raj Rajakumar(President)
  Ravi Singh (Vice-President)
  Dilip Desai (Secretary)
  Rachana Kaudinya(Treasurer)
  Nikhil Kumar
  Abaran Deep
  Kapil Talwar
  Rakesh Saraf
  Sridhar Karuppasami

More information on the Committee Members can be found here

We take this opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions. Special thanks to our Committee Members Rachana Kaudinya, Dilip Desai, Kapil Talwar, and Raj Rajakumar for their efforts in producing this newsletter.

To help us improve the newsletter, please send your feedback and contributions (news, views and memories) for the next issue to mail@iitav.org.au or Contact Sridhar (Mob: 0423 587 163, kprsridhar@yahoo.com). Previous editions of the newsletter are available here .

Members are also requested to update their profiles at our website.

Thank you.

Sridhar  Karuppasami
(On behalf of the IITAV Committee)


Songs, Dance and Colours at Holi Hungama
- Dilip Desai, IITAV Secretary

Song, Dance with ‘Dholak’ and colour marked the tenor of the IITAV's Holi celebrations on 8th March this year at Aangan,
Footscray. Guests were welcomed with colourful ‘thali’  and traditional ‘tilak’, to an Aangan (means a “courtyard”) setting. A village type atmosphere with trees and rickshaws along with chat shop provided a colourful atmosphere which was enjoyed by  the guests with their family and friends.


Sangeeta Singh and Pallavi Saraf harmonized the entertainment throughout the event. Janani Sridhar started the
festivities with a devotional song and Radhey Shyam Gupta pepped it with a popular Holi song. Nalin Sharda and Vipin
Gaindhar recited their own creations, extolling the contribution and role of Indian women.

Abaran Deep and Rachana Kaudinya livened up the mood next with jokes and different interpretations of words, ‘ Ï love you” and “AAP ko vote diya”.  Dolan Deep entertained the gathering with her melodious voice and the young Chaitanya Arora made everyone to dance with her performance.

The highlight of the event was the arrival of the 2015 ‘Moomba Queen’, a daughter of two IITians, and a well-known Bollywood star, Ms. Pallavi Sharda. She soon added her own tempo and enthusiasm to the dancing that was going on and charmed everyone. It was indeed a pleasure to have her on board. The dancing prize was won by young Chaitanya Arora, who was not to be outdone by others.  



The food was excellent. The famous “Chaat’ and ‘Gol gappas’ lived upto their reputation and ‘Chhole Bhature ‘ and ‘Ras Malai’, cooked and consumed in the outdoor setting added to the enjoyment of the attendees. All in all, it was a very happy, colourful Holi celebrations enjoyed in the outdoor settings by the attendees.



Another  milestone in entertainment for IITAV. Thanks to the hard work of Rakesh and Pallavi Saraf,  Sangeeta and Ravi Singh and everyone else involved. More Photos from this event can be found here.

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