On behalf of the IITaV Management Committee, I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year. May this Diwali bring to you all the joy and pleasures of life. Hope everyone can enjoy the festive season with family and friends in the Diwali tradition.


We in Melbourne have gone through a very difficult time. The restrictions of COVID-19 have also constrained us from holding an event for Diwali in a manner that IITaV has been celebrating in the previous years. Even though the restrictions have just been lifted to some extent, this allows only a small group of people to gather indoors. The committee has decided to combine the annual Picnic event with Diwali around the third week of December when we hope a larger event can be organised in a safe manner. Holding the event in the third week of December will help all of us usher in hopefully a COVID free new year which calls for a celebration. What’s better than celebrating it with your friends from IITs.

Dr. Sarbjit Giddey, President, IITAV
IIT Alumni, Victoria was established in October 2010 by a group of like minded IITians with the following objectives in mind:
  • Establish and enhance IIT brand equity in Australia
  • Promote professional networking with business, academia and government
  • Promote and assist with professional development of members
  • Proceed with strengthening business, academic and political relationships between Australia and India
  • Develop and promote the welfare of its members
  • Promote social interaction between members

To know more about IITaV please contact us at mail@iitav.org.au;  Join us on Facebook and LinkedIn

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