New Members & Membership Renewals

  • IITAV annual membership year is January to December.
  • New members are required to pay a joining fee of $20 and have the option to take membership up to a period of five years at the following rates:
    • $60 for 1 years membership
    • $110 for 2 years membership 
    • $150 for 3 years membership
    • $180 for 4 years membership 
    • $200 for 5 years membership
  • For IIT alumni new to Australia, concessional membership arrangements for a limited period are possible. Please send the details of your situation to
  •  Payment can be made by electronic transfer as per the details below: 
    • Account Name: IIT Alumni of Victoria Inc.
      • BSB: 033029 
      • Account Number: 114635 
    • Reference: For ease of tracking your payment, please use a reference with your payment as described in the examples below: 
      • First Name (space) First letter of your surname (space) use NM to indicate you are a new member (space) Total number of years for which membership is being paid for
      • Example 1: Vinod Kumar (new member) applies for one year membership. Payment Due: $80 ($60 one year membership + $20 joining fee) , Reference to be used Vinod K NM 1YR
      • Example 2: Vinod Kumar (new member) applies for five year membership. Payment Due: $220 ($200 five year membership + $20 joining fee) , Reference to be used Vinod K NM 5YR
    • Once you have transferred the fees to IITAV’s bank account, please send a brief email to confirming the transfer. 
    • Your membership will be formally approved by the Management Committee and you would receive a welcome email.
    • We will also create an account for you to access our website.

1 thought on “New Members & Membership Renewals”

  1. Hi Ravi, I have taken the 5 year membership of IITav. Separately, I am sending a brief email confirming transfer of $220 towards membership.

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