IITaV AGM 2019 Reports.

2 June, 2019 in AGM

President’s/Treasurer’s report;


IITaV held its 2019 Annual General Meeting on 19th May 2019 at Oakleigh, Victoria.  The Meeting was attended by over 20 IITaV Members and their partners.  Please find the presentations and the MoM.  

IITaV President Sarbjit Giddey presented the activities held over last year, along with current Membership and Financial status of our organization.  Dr Raj Rajakumar and Dr Rachana Kaudinya helped auditing IITaV accounts for this year ahead of AGM.  Many thanks to our Treasurer Divakar Prasad for meticulously managing IITaV accounts over this period.


The new Management Committee for 2019-20 was elected unanimously. Its great to see almost all of 2018-19 Committee Members are continuing into the new Committee. IITaV thanks them for their continued services amongst their busy schedule. 

Many thanks to our outgoing Committee Member Sanjiv Bhasin for all the hard work he had put in over the last few years. Dr Raj Rajakumar felicitated him with a token gift of appreciation from IITaV. As always, IITaV looks forward to his presence and contribution for many more years to come.

 Please join us in welcoming back our ever-green Abaran Deep into the Committee. You would know that he is one of IITaV’s Founding Member, who had contributed his services to the Committee over many times in the past. 

 2019-20 Management Committee 
  Sarbjit Giddey – President
  Ashok Sharma –  Vice President
  Divakar Prasad – Treasurer
  Sridhar Karuppasami  – Secretary
  Bala Kumble – Committee member
  Abaran Deep – Committee member
  Meenakshi Arora  – Committee member
  Yogendra Vashishtha  – Committee member
  Ravi Rajasekhar – Committee member

Please join us in congratulating the new team, and as always, the new team looks forward to your suggestions, presence and support to the Committee to take IITaV into the future.

 IITaV Committee 

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