Marketing Professional Services

The theme of this well attended event in Septemer was “Marketing Professional Services”. Our key presenter was Jim Dingwall, Partner d2e  ( – a niche consulting business with clients in Banking, Telecom, Utilities and Infrastructure sectors. Jim gave a valuable insight into what compels buyers to approach a service provider.

In the hunting mode, you have to convince the buyer about a slew of conceptual agreements:

  • The buyer has a need
  • The need is important
  • The need can be met
  • The Return on Investment  for doing so is impressive
  • An outsider is the best alternative
  • You are that outsider

In the branding mode, the prey comes to you, abandoning these formidable defences, and asks how you might be able to work together.  All you have to do now is to avoid inadvertently insulting the buyer’s relatives, and you have a deal!

Jim also articulated three golden rules in contracts:

1.  Vendors do what they are paid to do

2.  Client sets the rules

3.  Most people want to do the right thing.

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