Networking Events, December 2011 and February 2012

The Association’s networking event is progressing well with sessions held on 8th December 2011 and 9 February 2012, We had an encouraging attendance of about fourteen in the first and seventeen in the second event.

Both events were held at the Pavilion in Doncaster. The venue provided an environment that encouraged people to talk and exchange ideas. When you put two IITians together, you get lots of animated discussions on a range of topics including strategies, technologies and business ventures. You can imagine what 14-17 IITians got up to! Discussions went long into the evening on both occasions.

In the first event, participants shared their background, passion (personal and professional) and vision. For example, did you know that Devinder Thethi, an IITian (and a Victorian), took up Australian citizenship on Antarctica?

The second event was focussed on finding interests which are common across the board. Potential themes for sessions were explored. These include:

  • Frameworks to deal with complex problems
  • Selling professional services
  • Managing high risk assignments
  • Role plays around difficult discussions – salary increase; firing people
  • Presenting current challenges at work to broader group
  • Outsourcing (IT/engineering/medical etc)
  • International assignments
  • Engineering/IT service contracts formulation

As a starter, Rajiv Lal spoke on outsourcing of Engineering Services which generated animated discussion.

These networking events are a great way for IIT-ians to stay connected and strike up professional relationships for mutual benefits towards their goals and visions. IIT-ians are invited to attend future sessions and also contribute topics of interest to add to the list above.

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